About Susan and the building of Yum Botic Villa

 Susan onTerrace

I fell in love with Costa Maya because it reminded me of the Mexico I knew in the late 1960s and1970s before Cancun existed. Then Playa del Carmen was just the ferry stop to get to the mainland from sleepy Cozumel and I could freely walk around the wondrous Tulum when I paid wan elderly guard paid a few pesos to allow me in. I am pleased that I realized my dream of having a home right on the Caribbean sea just steps away from the multicolored waters, the intense greens of the tropical flora and the spectacular tropical fish and coral. I've been coming to Quintana Roo since I was nineteen, lived in Isla Mujeres and Cozumel, was a guide to Tulum. Years later I brought my children to Mexico to share the joys of nature and its spectacular archeological sites. As an artist and a retired art teacher I relish it love its light, intense colors and fresh air.

What makes this villa unique

Before purchasing my property in 2005, I studied tropical architecture and incorporated what I learned in designing my home. This included installing transom windows, windows facing east and west with no walls between, and 11 foot ceilings to promote air circulation; a curved building to catch the wind and a two story rounded stairwell with high screened vents to allow strong winds to flow up and out and lessen any possible damage from storms. Yum Botic Villa, completed in 2009, is a natural sanctuary of peace and tranquility and a respite from the rush of ones daily life.

Watching the sunrise, sunset, gazing at the evening moon and stars, looking out at a multitude of palm trees and tropical plants, and swimming and snorkeling in front of the Villa, reading a great book followed by an afternoon nap in one of the colorful hammocks on the patio is your agenda for the day. Taking a walk along the beach and observing various land and water birds along with tropical animals is a delight. I even saw a jaguar once.